I am a Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

I am a Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stimulating Let Down

Let Down atau Milk ejection reflex adalah proses di mana payudara mengeluarkan susu.
Semasa let down kita boleh merasa seperti ada denyutan di payudara dan kadang kala susu di payudara sebelah lagi akan turut meleleh.
Bila bayi semakin meningkat usia, semakin kurang rangsangan let down ini.
Di bawah ini ibu senaraikan cara-cara untuk merangsang let down.

Artikel di bawah ditulis oleh
Nicki Henskin
Bella Online Breastfeeding Editor

Take a few slow deep breaths. Close your eyes. Remember what a wonderful thing you are doing with your baby and how nursing is a fleeting time. Look at your baby's face and realize how short a time she'll want to lay in your lap and be one with mama.

2. Visualize the milk flowing -- For those who have not done visualizations, this may seem cooky, but it really does work! While you've got your eyes closed, relaxing, actually picture the milk ducts gently contracting and pressing the milk out to your waiting nursling. (Yikes… even as I'm writing about this, I'm feeling a little bit of letdown pressure!)

3. Drink some water -- Especially in the early weeks and months, this is a great strategy. Drinking a full serving or more of water each feeding is a useful way to keep hydrated and keep milk supply high. Just like running water in the bathroom to help you pee, drinking water while nursing can get things going! (Keeping water around the house where you might nurse is a great way for Dad to contribute to breastfeeding…see my article on Dads and Breastfeeding in related links below.)

4. Stroke the breast gently from base toward the nipple -- I'm not sure why this works, but it does. Along with relaxation, a couple gentle strokes with your finger from the base of the breast toward the nipple can get the milk moving.

5. Gentle Squeezes -- Just like my previous suggestion, a little physical stimulation of the breast while baby is also stimulating the milk by nursing can work. If you have an older nurser, you can also teach them to subtly do this themselves while waiting for the milk.

6. Remove baby from the breast and then back on again -- Once your baby is beyond 4-5 months and interested in everything, you'll notice that no sooner do they pop off to look around then the milk lets down. It's mystifying and bit annoying sometimes, but removing the baby from the breast can stimulate letdown. Switching sides back and forth a couple times has the same effect and may not annoy the baby as much as just taking them off and on, since they are used to the breast switching action and know it means more milk is coming.

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